About Us


NACDI believes that all American Indian people have a place, purpose and future strengthened by sustainable community development. We are a multi-issue, asset-based, power building leader in the Native American community.

Since 2007, NACDI’s mission has been to facilitate systems change through integrated pathways of community engagement and organizing, food sovereignty, and Indigenous arts and culture. NACDI partners with a wide network of Native and non-Native individuals and organizations to create a vibrant, healthy, and balanced community with economic opportunities for Native people.

NACDI is a community asset that facilitates strategy, resources, and linkages across sectors. We gather Indigenous vision, organize collective action and measure community impact. We ground all of our work in the assets, values and practices of Native people. NACDI manages four distinct brands: All My Relations Arts, Four Sisters Food Sovereignty, Make Voting A Tradition, and the American Indian Cultural Corridor.


NACDI amplifies and advances the Native American community’s vision for a vibrant future.