Good Relatives Collaborative

Grantmaking through a cultural lens

The Good Relatives Collaborative (GRC) is made up of four partner organizations who came together for the specific purpose of responding to a call for a grantmaking partnership with the Bush Foundation.  The collaborative is made up of the Sacred Pipe Resource CenterFour Bands Community Fund, Black Hills Community Loan Fund and NACDI.

GRC administers two awards; the Bush Prize: Native Nations Award, and the Good Relatives Collaborative Grant. Each organization is deeply rooted in their community and follows their own mission in how they serve Native people. The collaborative came together around shared values and agreed that the current funding models are not responsive to the needs of Native grassroots and constituency-led organizations engaged in community-centered problem-solving. GRC’s theory of change includes applying a Native lens in reframing the grantmaking process to build capacity in our Native communities.

GRC is looking to fund projects that will integrate, enhance and address community leadership, community healing, cultural revitalization, and capacity building by encouraging cooperation, collaboration, and reciprocity across the region in holistic and innovative ways. Annually the GRC awards funds to Native communities in Minnesota, North and South Dakota.

Stay tuned for upcoming grant application announcements.