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About MVAT

Make Voting A Tradition (MVAT) is a culturally specific, year-round, multi-generational approach to increase voter turnout and civic engagement now in its ninth year of operation. The fundamental principle of MVAT is that Native Americans are more likely to become more politically active when engaged by peers. Strengthening democratic participation demands community engagement and trust.  MVAT in particular draws people into the process of defining the future of their community and builds ownership of the solutions required to reach that future. NACDI/MVAT has been able to increase civic participation in the American Indian Cultural Corridor and now throughout the state. Through our non-partisan, peer-to-peer, multigenerational approach, we support and educate residents as they contribute to the public policy shaping process.

Pledge to Vote

Take the pledge today to vote in 2024 and make sure your voice is heard.

Why We Vote

Voting is the tool that we use to ensure our voices are heard and needs are met by our elected officials. People who vote find their needs best met by our local, state, and federal governments.

Am I Registered to Vote?

Register online, on paper, on Election Day or check your status.

How to Vote on Election Day

Not all areas of Minnesota will have elections in 2023. Use the Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder to see what elections, if any, are coming up for an address.

Download Our Social Media Toolkit

We've partnered with Native organizers, community members, and digital and mixed media artists to create messages and content that focuses on issues that our communities are facing.

Read Our Fact Sheet

Explore our fact sheet describing some of the elected offices in our state that are on the ballot and an explanation of how they matter to you and your relatives.

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Darek Delille

Manager of Make Voting A Tradition & Civic Engagement Bad River Ojibwe

Jolene Jones

Make Voting A Tradition Minnesota Coordinator Ojibwe, White Earth, and LCO.

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