Systems Change

NACDI Creates Change

In 2024 and beyond, NACDI’s work will continue to facilitate and sustain systems change through our integrated pathways of Community Engagement, Community Organizing, Community Development, and Indigenous Arts and Culture. NACDI utilizes these strategies to strengthen community, influence policy, and lead systems change while shifting power dynamics through shared Native values, traditions, cultures, and practices. These are community-led efforts to bring self-directed prosperity to the American Indian community. Through a range of projects that emphasize community capacity building and empowerment, NACDI partners with a wide network of Native and non-Native individuals and organizations to create a vibrant, healthy, and balanced community with economic opportunities for Native people. NACDI is building a vibrant future for all our relations with shared power, prosperity, and participation.

NACDI works to fill specific needs to build assets, leadership, and collective power in the American Indian community through community organizing strategies and a deeply -held belief that our people, culture, and power are everything we need to address the root causes of all the issues. Through our programs in food sovereignty, arts and culture, civic engagement, and other community engagement, NACDI does not offer one service to our people but works to build their collective power and forge relationships with major allies, community members, and key local and state decision-makers.