AL·TER·NA·TIVE Artist Talk with Frank Buffalo Hyde

AL·TER·NA·TIVE Artist Talk with Frank Buffalo Hyde

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Join NACDI and All My Relations Arts for an intimate insight into the creative process and artistic mind of artist, Frank Buffalo Hyde (Onondaga/Nez Perce). Satirical and pop-iconography-saturated, Frank’s work incites the view to wonder, ponder and engage in witty banter. Born in Santa Fe and raised on his mother’s Onandaga reservation, Frank seeks to dismantle stereotypes of Native American culture with his work. He takes imagery from pop culture, politics, films, television shows, etc. and overlaps the references to replicate what he refers to as “the collective unconsciousness of the 21st century.”

As part of programming for AL·TER·NA·TIVE, AMRA hosts an evening featuring a presentation on the oeuvre of Frank’s artwork as well as a candid talk between the artist and NACDI’s Vice President of Development, John Williams (Cheyenne River, Lakota).

Friday, May 31st, 5-7pm. At All My Relations Arts, 1414 E. Franklin Ave. MPLS, MN
Food and beverages will be provided. All are welcome.

Space is limited; click HERE to reserve a spot.

About the exhibition:
AL·TER·NA·TIVE is a solo exhibition featuring a collection of paintings and sculptures from artist Frank Buffalo Hyde (Onondaga/Niimíipuu (Nez Perce)). Vivid and pop-culture saturated, his work reflects on the commodification of American Indian culture, and the assertive roles for Native American identity in the contemporary world. Self-proclaimed as consciously, culturally non-transactional, Frank’s work comments on cultural appropriation and societal disruption through his uncompromising satirical eye. A defiant take on the skewed perceptions of Native American art and culture tourism, Frank’s allegorical work is geared towards Native people first and disarms through banter while making references to antiquated technology in conversation with the metaverse; and provides a layered commentary on the collective unconscious of the 21st century.

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