First Seasonal Artisan Market Held in Collaboration with All My Relations Arts and Four Sisters Farmers Market – Minnesota Native News


Market Manager Destiny Jones sat down with Chandra Colvin of Minnesota Native News to talk about this winter’s artisan market. In partnership with the All My Relations Arts gallery, the Four Sister Food Sovereignty program is hosting markets to feature Indigenous makers outside of the harvest season.

“I really wanted to be able to kind of create more spaces for people to sell work, early entrepreneurs to, kind of, get their start and also display their beautiful and traditional beadwork, and moccasins and jewelry and all of the other amazing things that we have that are presented at the market,” said Destiny Jones. “Something that I hear a lot from all vendors is that the winter can be really hard as markets dwindle. That’s something that I also wanted to alleviate for some of our vendors. I know that we work with a lot of early entrepreneurs and I would just hate to see so many talented people get discouraged because I know that it can be a really hard business to get started.”

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