Pride is Indigenous: Featuring Nick Metcalf

Image credit: Steve Peterson

Pride in our LGBTQA2+ community members lasts for more than just June at NACDI. This is especially true this year, with the annual Minneapolis Two Spirit Reclaiming Our Identities Powwow happening this Saturday, July 13th! To round out our series of writings from Two Spirit allies this season, we are featuring Dr. Nick Metcalf, who wrote a poem on the naming and reclaiming of the Two Spirit identity.

Many thanks to all of our contributors for sharing their wonderful words and ideas.


Poem by Nick Metcalf: 

Our stories tell us. They remind us.

We begin from awe and wonder.


And, we come from the stars…


In a time before now, 

We were known by many names.

In Lakota / Dakota / Nakota – Winkte

In Anishinabe – Niizh manidoowag

Many more names amongst many more tribes.

Our people know us.


Now, in this place of our own, in English, we are known by

Lesbian, Gay, Bisxual, Transgender, Queer, Two Spirit, IndigiQueer…


Our whereabouts never changed.


Two Spirit.

A statement. A reclaiming. An embodiment.  

A declaration in a language not our own.

A calling. Two Spirit.  


Our people remember us, 

They know us. Those who remember.

Beyond the destruction.

We are a gift of the Creator.

Unique. Sacred. Special. Honored.  


Our understanding…Still thrives


We are known by many names, amongst our people,

We are known…


Our stories tell us…

They remind us…

We begin from awe and wonder…


And, we come from the stars…Two Spirit.


About Nick Metcalf

Nick Metcalf is Sicangu Oyate – Burnt Thigh People – Rosebud Sioux Tribe.  Nick has lived in the Twin Cities for 30 years where they’ve made a life filled with lots of friends, family, and community.  Nick is a proud Parent and Grandparent.  Nick is a Poet and Writer.  Nick is participating in the Loft’s 2024 year-long Poetry Apprenticeship with Heid E. Erdrich. 

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